AJ + Jamie//Athens Engagement

Have you ever heard about a couple meeting on a bus in downtown Atlanta, start dating, and decide to get married months later? Because AJ totally snagged Jamie using mass transit.  AJ is a pharmacist (Dr. AJ, excuse me) at Egleston Hospital in the ICU, and Jamie is a social worker for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  They went out on a date, and a few months later got engaged!  Jamie and I have some mutual friends and when she emailed me I felt like we had already known each other for a long time.  We met up in Athens by a bench where they had one of their most significant "defining the relationship" talks.  Don't worry, I got them to re-enact the conversation and get some pictures of it:) These  two are both pretty hip, but it's worth noting that AJ is super creative and artistic.  He has made Jamie different gifts throughout their dating relationship, and Jamie brought a few letters he had written and made for her.  And a really beautiful picture he framed for her (and the picture has beautiful meaning t00).  Melt the ol' heart.  These two are definitely in love, and they both share a love for each other and Jesus.  That's pretty amazing considering they had such a random meeting on a bus and it turned out they share the same values and loves.  I had such a good time hanging out with this couple and really can't wait for their wedding in a few months.  Another mutual friend is designing the wedding and coming up with the decor- it is going to be awesome.  I'm so honored that they asked me to photograph them and really grateful to see how God brings amazing people together.  Thanks you guys!!! AJ was being sneaky behind Jamie... caught! this is my favorite expression of the day for sure. Jamie you have the best face!!!!! A letter that AJ made for Jamie... I need him to design everything for me!!! the incredible ring that AJ got for Jamie. way to go AJ just need to say that I love these pictures of Jamie smiling- they make me super happy