Erin + Mitch//Athens Wedding

There is so much that I loved about Erin and Mitch's wedding day.  When I took Erin and Mitch's engagement pictures I found out that they are both avid runners, i.e. the kind that qualify for the Boston Marathon type runners.  The morning of their wedding day they both ran with friends, and Erin was even featured on the online athens website in her running gear and veil in her hair!! love it (see her bridesmaid Sue and her here).  Ironically a close friend and bridesmaid in MY wedding organized/hosted a 5k (called Miles For Major) that same morning to raise money for children who are in need of hearing aids... so I also a ran 5k that morning, too!!! Certainly slower than Mitch and Erin, though:) The day was beautiful, with the ceremony held at the UGA Chapel on North Campus and reception at the Botanical Gardens.  The ceremony was officiated by a Rabbi and included both Jewish and Christian traditions.  I loved seeing the Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass by the groom, and it was even richer to hear the Rabbi explain the tradition.  He explained how it represented that even in the most joyous occasions, the Jewish people remember the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and have joy mixed with mourning.  It can be applied more broadly that our joy is tempered by the brokenness in the world, even in the marriage relationship.  I just think that is so profound and true.  I tend to like traditions and practices that are meaningful and accurate and deep, so the breaking of the glass seemed like one of the richest illustrations of life I've seen.  As the groom breaks the glass, those around him shout "Mazel Tov!" (which means "congratulations!").  The other part of the ceremony that I just loved were the vows.  Erin and Mitch both repeated the Rabbi in a quote from The Songs of Songs saying, "I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine."  I love the simplicity and beauty of those words.  So clearly I was tearing up during the ceremony!! After the ceremony during family portraits I got to meet some of Mitch's family friends, in particular one couple who had been married 60 YEARS and then I found out that Mitch's brother, Morris, was the ring bearer in their wedding 60 years ago! So of course I had to get a picture of them all together.  The wedding reception was incredibly fun, with some out of this world dance moves from Mitch and the happiest faces I have ever seen from Erin.  And I need to note how good the music was- I heard some awesome '90s hip hop that I have never heard at a wedding before.  Made my day for sure.  And Erin's mom was caught doing "The Wobble" on the dance floor.  Last detail to mention- Erin and Mitch are major travelers so their reception had a map of all the places they've been and postcards for guests to write them a note.  Mitch has a map on his wall at home where he throws darts to pick out the next spot to visit, and he's even been to Antarctica.  So here's to Erin and Mitch who are now honeymooning on a small island off the coast in Africa-- a great big Mazel Tov!! Erin and Mitch at the UGA Chapel Bell that fans ring for major celebrations (winning football games or GETTING MARRIED!) this is Mitch's brother (center) who was a ring bearer in this couple's wedding 60 years ago!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!