Lindsey//Post-Senior Portraits

I love this girl for many a reasons, including that she babysits my 2 little boys and they both ADORE her.  I think Ethan has a crush on her hair.  Lindsey never got senior pictures done and now that she is at UGA and needing some pictures for different applications (and sorority rush!) she finally gave in and let me take her picture.  She hates getting pictures taken of herself, which I totally understand because I'm not a huge fan of it either ironically:) But she is absolutely beautiful and definitely doesn't take a bad picture.  I also love that her boyfriend was the ring bearer in my wedding! Thomas (and the whole Woodard family) means so much to husband and I and we couldn't have picked a better girl for Thomas.  I'm excited Lindsey is going to be in Athens for 4 more years... thanks Lindsey for loving my little ones so well and letting me take your post-senior pictures!