Matt + Emily

I knew I would enjoy getting to know Matt and Emily based on the emails between Emily and I.   Emily told me that she and Matt loved to have fun together and laugh a lot, which is what I would describe as the perfect couple to photograph:)  Emily and I had been trying to schedule a session since April so I was so glad that the rain held off long enough for these pictures finally in July.  As I talked with Matt and Emily we realized we all grew up within maybe even a mile of each other- small world!! Emily had randomly found my website so we had no idea of our Kennesaw connections.  At any rate, I felt immediately excited about taking their engagement pictures and getting to know my long lost neighbors...

We explored the Botanical Gardens and then walked through UGA's campus, even though Emily went to Clemson and is an avid Tiger fan.  Matt and Emily have known each other since they were teenagers (maybe younger?) and clearly have one of those relationships where they know each other so well and are best friends.  My husband and I were friends for awhile before we started dating so I really can appreciate relationships that start this way.  I'm so glad I got to meet you guys and loved photographing you two!!

Matt made this awesome face as they walked together and I just love it.  To me some of the best pictures aren't the staged shots but ones that capture some unique expressions or raw moments.  It makes me want to be a fly on the wall with a camera and photograph natural interactions between people! But since that isn't possible I have to do my best as a normal person 3rd wheeling it with couples trying to help them feel comfortable with me and my big camera around.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys- I enjoyed it!

Chris + Chelsea//Italian Countryside Engagement

Okay, so maybe this session wasn't photographed in the Italian countryside, but you might think so from some of the pictures!! Chris and Chelsea told me they wanted to get their engagement pictures done at Chelsea's grandparents' "farm" and I was excited to photograph them in a personal location.  But little did I know that this "farm" was anything but a quaint little property.  Instead it is acres upon acres of beautiful land, houses that different family members own, a huge lake with their own SWAN boat,  and an Italian style home and gardens where Chelsea's grandparents live.  I didn't know what a swan boat was, and then I turned around and saw it near the dock and realized it is exactly as it sounds, a boat that is a huge swan.  And this isn't just any swan boat, but a swan boat designed for Michael Jackson in the early 1990s.  It was owned by him until later sold at an auction and purchased by Chelsea's grandparents.  Who knew!?! I was in awe of all the different beautiful backdrops and was excited for the opportunity to photograph this lovely and loving couple.  I met Chris when he was in high school and I was his history teacher (I was a very young teacher:).  He has always been such a kind and genuine person just like his siblings that I've gotten to know, and more recently I've gotten to know him in a different role since he started his home renovation business, CW Renovations.  His company has done some great work for us, most notably my NEW office at our house! If you're in need of some renovation help I definitely recommend him.  It was no surprise that Chris found Chelsea who is just as genuine and kind.  I told husband when I got home from the engagement session how much I liked Chelsea- she is one of those people you feel comfortable with instantly and you can just tell what a good friend should would be.  They are a super happy couple, which of course if my favorite to photograph:) Thanks Deans and Chelsea for letting me in on your happiness- I'm so encouraged that God brings special people together!  and I had to get a few shots of their respective "children"- these dogs will soon be siblings come November! Dogs are such a good preparation for children...

AJ + Jamie//Athens Engagement

Have you ever heard about a couple meeting on a bus in downtown Atlanta, start dating, and decide to get married months later? Because AJ totally snagged Jamie using mass transit.  AJ is a pharmacist (Dr. AJ, excuse me) at Egleston Hospital in the ICU, and Jamie is a social worker for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  They went out on a date, and a few months later got engaged!  Jamie and I have some mutual friends and when she emailed me I felt like we had already known each other for a long time.  We met up in Athens by a bench where they had one of their most significant "defining the relationship" talks.  Don't worry, I got them to re-enact the conversation and get some pictures of it:) These  two are both pretty hip, but it's worth noting that AJ is super creative and artistic.  He has made Jamie different gifts throughout their dating relationship, and Jamie brought a few letters he had written and made for her.  And a really beautiful picture he framed for her (and the picture has beautiful meaning t00).  Melt the ol' heart.  These two are definitely in love, and they both share a love for each other and Jesus.  That's pretty amazing considering they had such a random meeting on a bus and it turned out they share the same values and loves.  I had such a good time hanging out with this couple and really can't wait for their wedding in a few months.  Another mutual friend is designing the wedding and coming up with the decor- it is going to be awesome.  I'm so honored that they asked me to photograph them and really grateful to see how God brings amazing people together.  Thanks you guys!!! AJ was being sneaky behind Jamie... caught! this is my favorite expression of the day for sure. Jamie you have the best face!!!!! A letter that AJ made for Jamie... I need him to design everything for me!!! the incredible ring that AJ got for Jamie. way to go AJ just need to say that I love these pictures of Jamie smiling- they make me super happy