Kat + Justin//Athens Engagement

A friend of mine sent me a message almost a year ago telling me about this awesome girl I needed to meet who is in the photography program at UGA.  She and I connected over Facebook (of course)- she was looking for a photography internship and I was looking for help with wedding photography= perfect match.  We met over pizza at Your Pie (which I love, by the way.  just found out they have a special on Tuesdays for gourmet pizza and drink $6 = joy).  Not only do we both love cameras and all things photography, but she has a huge heart for Jesus and a love for the church.  We hit it off and have been hanging out/working together ever since!    Kat and I got together after she returned from a study abroad in May at a coffee shop to talk photography but really ended up talking about a particular guy named Justin.  Kat had decided she wanted to date this guy, and she talked about how comfortable she was with him and how much she respected and liked him (sounded like love to me:).  At any rate, every wedding we photographed after that I made sure to see what she liked about the wedding and what she wanted to include in hers... and wondered when that might be. Needless to say I was SO excited when she called me to say that Justin asked her to marry him!! Justin works with Christ Community Church and is a gifted musician, and Kat is talented photographer (check out her stuff here) with a great eye for all things beautiful.   Every photographer knows the pressure is on when you shoot pictures of another photographer (they look at the picture and wonder what f/stop it was and if the ISO is too high!) but I don't think I could go too wrong with such a photogenic and rockstar couple.  Really.  They both can pull off the serious model face that I am terrible at (my mouth just quivers and breaks into an awkward smile!) and just have a dreamy look to them.  Here's a few from our time- thanks guys and I'm so happy for you!!