Ben + Madalene//athens engagement

I had a GREAT time photographing/getting to know Ben & Madalene. When I met with them to talk through wedding plans, they both mentioned how they loved more creative photography and wanted to come up with some different ideas for their engagement pictures. Then Madalene told me how they would like to go to Two Story Coffeehouse (here in Athens) for part of the engagement session. I was SO excited because I love that place, love coffee, and that made me feel an instant connection to Ben & Madalene. We took over one of the rooms at Two Story (many thanks to the baristas there who let me move furniture, come behind the counter to borrow some coffee beans, and for making the day's trivia about Ben & Madalene's wedding!) and it was like Ben & Madalene were on a date with me as their third wheel:) Madalene's favorite books are the Harry Potter series (her Harry Potter book in the photos is a UK version, which makes it the real deal) and Ben loves The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Ben and Madalene go back and forth on defending which is better... I can't weigh in on the debate since I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books, but I do love me some Gandolf and Samwise Gamgee.  I need to read the Harry Potter books so that my husband and I can relate better...  he's a huge fan of Harry.  Anyways, we had fun taking pictures with their favorite books (note: I just heard of a couple who had a Harry Potter themed wedding.  for real.)   I love when couples bring things that are part of who they are.  I feel like the pictures become more of a reflection of who you are as a couple and will be more fun to look back on years later.  After our visit at Two Story we went to a field, had a little dance party and frolicked in the fields.   I'm really excited to photograph their wedding in May at the Foundry in Athens... thanks guys for being so great to work with and FUN!