Mr. + Mrs. Echols

Fall weddings are lovely for so many reasons, and this one is a perfect example.  Taylor + Olivia's wedding was a perfect blend of fall colors, rustic decor, and personal details, from the orange, red and deep purple bouquets to the groom's cake that was a cake version of their new home that Taylor built (made by the mother of the groom!!!).  I loved getting to know Olivia through the planning process and then seeing the day come together with lots of love and beauty.  


Olivia and Taylor decided not to see each other before the wedding ceremony and instead had a moment to hold hands around a door before everything began.  I am so glad that my talented second shooter, Alyssa Alig, got this picture of Olivia's face when she held Taylor's hand.  That is the look of joy and anticipation and happiness (aka happy tears).  The church where Olivia and Taylor got married was perfect, too with lots of skylights and sunshine streaming in through the windows.  The Catholic Center at UGA has such unique and circular architecture that it made the wedding ceremony more intimate.  


The reception was held at The Foundry Inn, and had so many great rustic details like these cute pinecone cake toppers that Olivia made (what a great idea!!) and little s'more bags for wedding favors.  They also had candle pillars made from wood with their initials carved into them like a tree trunk.  So perfect! 

Olivia's grandmother was unstoppable on the dance floor, and I think I might have taken more pictures of her breaking it down than anyone else! She is my inspiration; I hope I can shake it like that at 90 years old!!!   She and I even had the same shoes (sassy silver flats) so I felt like we were sole sisters.  And I loved how one of Taylor's groomsmen, Tyson, was having a great time dancing with her!

Olivia and Taylor, I hope you have had an awesome week in tropical paradise and can come home to lots of gifts and good memories of a beautiful wedding! So glad I got to be a part of it and see how much you guys are loved by so many:) Best wishes!!