Mr. + Mrs. Bryson

Each wedding I photograph has it's own special moments and connections I have with the couple and the day in general.  Nicole emailed me last year about her wedding at the Carl House and ended up booking me as her and Patrick's wedding photographer.  Months later we meet up for their engagement session and I find out how they met and their story.  Turns out they met working in a hospital and both were becoming nurse anesthetists.  And then it turns out that they worked on the same floor with my mom who is also a nurse at Kennestone Hospital! Such a small world.  Later I found out other nurse friends of Nicole's that I also know (hey hey Brooke Gurley:), so it's been fun to meet someone totally out of the blue and then realize how many degrees of connections there are.  I am so glad Nicole emailed me last year and asked me to be a part of her big day- it was beautiful. 

To get a sense of how fun and good natured Nicole and Patrick are I have to include this picture of Patrick's wedding band.  Nicole had it engraved with a phrase she often tells Patrick- that he is her everything.  Once the ring was engraved and picked up (a few days before the wedding I believe) someone else shows Nicole it actually says, "MY EVERYTNING".  Nicole showed it to me and just laughed about it and figured they could fix it later if they wanted, but both Patrick and Nicole just thought it was one of those funny stories that becomes part of their family history:)  And now they can say in very serious moments, "you are my everytNing."

I love these pictures below- that is the "we are finally married and ready to have a fun reception" smile and laugh:)  

Maybe the picture below is my favorite.  I think this was Nicole and Patrick's response to their sweet flower girl picking her nose for pictures, and it is definitely one of those pictures you could never have planned for or posed but just happens.  Side note: those are the types of pictures that make every wedding different.  It's the moment that you normally would put the camera down that turns out to be one of the best photo moments.  It's a good reminder to pay close attention to what's around you and anticipate the laughs and hugs and crazy moments, which is why I love photography so much. 

Nicole and family/friends did an awesome job with all the handmade reception decor.  I especially loved these vases used as centerpieces wrapped with twine among lots of other great details.  The reception food was also super good:)  

Another name for the fall season in Georgia is "football season."  And every Saturday, wedding or no wedding, people find a way to watch the Dawgs pla football. So it's always fun to see how the wedding party and guests find ways to check the score or take a break from the wedding to check the game.  After Nicole and Patrick's ceremony lots of Georgia fans gathered in one of the rooms at the Carl House and got to watch the final minutes of the Georgia vs. LSU game, and it was an exciting last few minutes. Georgia ended up winning, and from that point on I knew the reception would be a fun one with happy guests:) And we all took it as a sign of a good and long marriage for Patrick and Nicole!!  Go Dawgs.

Me and my second shooter, Steven Wallace, got to play around taking long exposure pictures with the sparklers and (thanks to Kristi) we got lots of fun shots!  Thanks so much Nicole and Patrick for letting us photograph your wedding and be your paparazzi for the day- and every time Georgia plays LSU I will remember you guys and this happy day:)