Brad + Sallie//Engagement Session Advice


Brad and Sallie have been dating since 9th grade, and Sallie had a crush on Brad from way back in the days of middle school. These two have been the cutest couple for a long time and I felt so honored to take their engagement pictures.  Sallie and I talked about the type of engagement pictures she wanted, and her words were so perfect.  She said, "We pretty much laugh all the time when we're together and we're always goofing around having fun, so I'd love to capture that..." She wanted the pictures to be a reflection of how they really are best friends.  I loved reading this and completely agree that engagement pictures are less about the location, less about props and more about the couple and capturing their genuine relationship.  So here's some engagement session advice: take the pressure off to be super trendy or use lots of Pinterest ideas and think more about what you want to capture about the two of you as a couple.  If you are not the laughing and gregarious type, think about what you do love about your relationship.  It might be the sincerity and genuine all out adoration the two of you have for each other that you hope can be photographed.  Whatever is true to you both as couple is really what an engagement session is about.  Communicate with your photographer the kind of people you are, what you love to do together, and give him or her an idea of what it is that you hope is reflected in the images that are created.

We took pictures throughout downtown Athens because they are both from here and have grown up in some ways even together in this town.  But even then it was less about the building or special restaurants and more about them as a couple.

We walked over to North Campus (they are both UGA students!) mostly just to have some pretty trees and green grass, and it turned out well because it was the perfect place to run around in hopes of not freezing and getting some good laughs. I loved seeing how comfortable and fun their relationship is, and it's just a reminder to me of how glad I am to be married to my best friend <quick little husband shout out in case he reads this:>.

Last few thoughts- I'm so glad to post these not because they look like the next big trend on Pinterest (no offense Pinterest- I am so grateful for all your good ideas!) but because as a photographer I feel like my biggest gift to give a couple is some sort of visual reminder of good things in their lives.  I look at pictures my friends have taken of my family and they are so good for my soul because they remind me that God has given me 2 beautiful little boys to love even when they wear me out.  What's most precious to me in a picture is a genuine smile or laugh or interaction that once caught on camera is something I can hold on to and enjoy for years to come, and even become a more grateful person through.  Thanks Sallie and Brad for reminding me of what I really value in photography and for letting me in on the good thing you guys have had going for 7 years now- so glad you are getting married!!!!

ps- I had to include this shot below of Brad tipping Sallie over just because it's funny:) they are just really fun people.