Mr. + Mrs. Turner//Southern Charm Wedding

Imagine taking a big piece of land near Macon, Georgia and creating an entire wedding venue from scratch.  And not just putting up some folding chairs and round tables but chandeliers, couches, monogrammed hand-dyed burlap, and real "church-like" doors for the bride to enter in through.  I have to say I don't even think these pictures will do it full justice because of what a beautiful occasion it was for Brad and Ginny Rae's wedding.  Thanks to the talented Molly McKinley of Chancey Charm weddings this day was filled with the most amazing details, and it really was incredible to see how a venue was created from the ground up.  The reception food was a dream come true for most southern guests with one buffet dedicated to starch foods like macaroni and cheese and cornbread, and a taco bar and soup bar with bags of Fritos.  And to top it off- an elegant wedding cake and a GREEN EGG groom's cake! This was the first I had ever seen, and anyone familiar with the Green Egg knows what a following that smoker has.  Ginny Rae and Brad might have had the most fun of any bride or groom in history at their reception, and it was so fun to photograph all the dance moves and happy faces.  I'm sure their wedding video is going to be amazing with the talent of Hampton Road Studios (check out their videography work here, including a little trailer for this lovely wedding).  I felt honored to be a part of this wedding!!

quick note about this next picture... Ginny Rae had seen a fun shot on Pinterest with the groomsmen jumping over the bridesmaids.  She really wanted to get that picture so I gathered the wedding party to attempt it.  BUT after consulting with the bridesmaids who were going to have to be on the ground with guys potentially falling on their head we decided to spread out a little and stagger everyone.  And then we did some practice rounds, which turned out to be pretty funny.  It really was just a big wedding party leap frog- and the bridesmaids kept saying, "Only Ginny Rae would want this!" and "This is how much we love Ginny Rae!"  The picture didn't turn out quite like the Pinterest one but nonetheless it made for a memorable wedding moment!!


This next picture maybe one of my favorite photo booth pictures ever.  The hat, the parrot, the hook... there is so much to love about this

and an epic bouquet catch caught on camera with my talented second shooter, Alyssa Alig!

Best wishes to Mr. + Mrs. Turner and thanks for asking me to photograph an INCREDIBLE wedding!