Daily Life//Babies + Toddlers

I decided about a year ago to shoot weddings/engagements and not family or babies or kiddos, but sometimes when friends have babies I do pull out the camera and take some of these little nuggets.  At our small church we had 3 babies born on the same day, and 2 of them within minutes of each other.  I have had the opportunity to love and hold each of these babies (baby Gus, Lucy, and Jeff:).  I took pictures of baby Gus and his big brother, Vincent, at their house.  They share an awesome room that Emily designed/decorated with fun robots and cute Ikea touches.  Here are a few of these two little guys...

Gus' face in this picture below kinda cracks me up.  Love some 6 week old baby faces!

This photo below isn't necessarily an awesome shot in terms of the photography but I love it because of Gus' long look at his mommy's face.  That is so much of what you see when they are babies- they can't hold their head up or do much but they do stare at their mommy's face a lot.  It is one of the most precious memories I have of Ethan and Andy.  I love how they study the face that carried them for so many weeks as if they know that this is the one that has given them life.

okay, Vincent looks like one of the most adorable kids ever (see picture for proof).  He's going to break some hearts on the playground.

I also took a few pictures of baby Lucy and her mom, Kristy.  Here is one of mom and baby (those are always my favorite!)

and finally just a few of my little guys... Ethan was cracking me up with his faces.  These are blown up big in our house and everytime Ethan looks at them he tries to make the same faces.  He is an awesome little guy!

here is little Putza (aka Andy).  We have been calling him Putz/Putsie/Putza for most of his life and I'm not sure if knows his real name is Andy.  Here he is, drool and all.

My heart has grown five times its normal size since having children, and I feel more deeply than I have ever before because of them.  Children really are a blessing.  Lots of times a heavy and hard blessing, but a blessing for sure.