Mr. + Mrs. Lee//Cupcakes, bow ties and lots of smiles


There are way too many lovely things to say about this wedding and this couple.  Ethan and Kimberly are salt of the earth kind of people, which was easy to see by how many close friends they have, how many people came to their wedding, how well the ministers spoke of the both of them, and how they genuinely cared for everyone around them.  Their wedding was at a new venue near Augusta, GA called the Barn at Perry's Landing.  Ethan and Kimberly and their friends and family put so much into making the wedding just perfect.  Some of the best elements of the day were the old doors used as an entryway for Kimberly to walk down the aisle, the wedding advice cards created like the Adlibs game, and the bowtie wedding favors... these were SO cute.  Ethan's creative mom sewed hundreds of bowties for each guests to have, and guests partied on the dance floor with them around their necks.  I was even able to have 2 to give to my little boys:) The setting was beautiful with chickens and horses and pecan trees... It couldn't have been dreamier.

Kimberly had her makeup done by Meredith Tompkins of Bella Faccia in downtown Augusta and she did an amazing job... Meredith does makeup by airbrushing and after watching her and seeing how beautiful Kimberly's face looked I decided I need some serious makeup help!! Covergirl might not cut it anymore for this photogramom:)

another favorite part about photographing this wedding: Kimberly's smile.  She has the best smile to photograph because it's just genuine and usually accompanied by laughter and it happens a lot.  Those are my favorite kind of pictures and people:)

How talented is Ethan as a groom?! He cut and carved this sign himself.  I wonder where this sign is now. How awesome would that be to have it somewhere in your house?! or maybe by your mailbox:)

I should note the AMAZING cupcakes Ethan and Kimberly had at the reception.  There were so many flavors, including key lime, s'mores, birthday cake, french toast.  I couldn't believe the beauty of a cupcake.  Especially since I'm not really a cupcake kind of girl.  But I was so excited to eat one of these; even looking at these pictures makes me wish I could get married again and have them at my wedding! So here are just a few to give you a taste of cupcake heaven...

Kimberly and her dad started out with a slow dance, and then broke into some killer dance moves, including the WOP.  I have been known to be obsessed with this song at receptions, but nothing beats hearing the Wop and seeing a dad and his daughter dance to it together, dance moves included.  I'm pretty sure I also got a picture of them practicing their moves right before Kimberly walked down the aisle.

There was a real photo booth at the wedding (photo strips and all!) and we were able to get some pictures of the guests getting ready for their booth shots- with some amazing Pharoah hats and glasses.  I just LOVE photo booths- I wish I owned one in my home.

Special thanks to my second shooter and friend Alyssa Alig for shooting with me.  She was so patient to be up for my post-wedding reindeer games by writing "love" in cursive and backwards with the sparkler:) That is some serious talent, Alyssa.  And here's a picture of us with our bowties on from the wedding.  Apparently I thought it would be better to wear it on my head.  Gotta love a picture of yourself after 11 hours of shooting- photograsweaty but loving our job:)