Giveaway Winner!!

My first blog giveaway winner is Kim McNaron!!! This is ironic seeing as I am photographing her son's wedding tomorrow (can't wait for Alan and Lauren's big day!) so I am actually going to be able to give her this fun book tomorrow! I have never done a blog giveaway before and didn't know how to randomly pick a winner except by cutting up pieces of paper and drawing a name from the scraps. I think there are really modern 21st century ways of doing this but that's all I came up with and I picked Kim. Fun times:) But I do have to say Caroline Norris' quote about no one ever dying from awkwardness really made me laugh. I think my next blog giveaway people will have to name their favorite book so I can get good ideas of what to read this summer. And since every post needs some pictures, here is a shot I just took of my friend Elisha's little girl, Amelia. I love this for so many reasons and will have to share more pictures from this but her face and missing teeth are just priceless. Love love.