Mr. + Mrs. Gurley//Stop Motion Wedding Fun

So my awesome photographer intern (Kathryn Torbett aka K Torb) has been so fun to shoot with this past year.  Kathryn is part of the photography program in the art school at UGA and has technically been "interning" with me, but really I have learned so much from her.  She is getting married in August (and her wedding is going to be killer, i.e. amazing details, awesome lighting because she arranged the day around it, and the whole feel of the day is straight out of Style Me Pretty) so she also has awesome ideas for wedding photography.  K Torb recently shared a stop motion wedding video that was made by a photographer in Savannah, and thought it was a pretty fun concept.  Stop motion is an animation technique used to create the appearance of motion by taking incremental photographs and then you play those frames as a continuous sequence to create a movie.  Actually, fun fact, my brother Dan (the cinematographer in LA) is working on a stop motion music video for a rapper out in LA (it's a big project and his is obviously the real deal- not so much like my iMovie creation).  So this past weekend at Ryan and Brooke Gurley's wedding, Kathryn did the continuous shooting of stills so that we could make this stop motion video of their wedding day.  I came home, went through the pictures and had so much fun in iMovie (I know, so standard but I'm not a video person so this was all new for me!) and figured out how to make the stop motion video.  I really had fun thinking through the music selection, and since I think the Wobble is the most fun part of the wedding day I had to include that song! So here it is... it might make some people a little motion sick with all quick movements from one photograph to the next but just remember the days of Gumby, how everything was stop motion. Thanks to Kathryn for the awesome inspiration and thanks to Ryan and Brooke for such a beautiful wedding day!