Treat Yo' Self Wedding

Taylor and Page are a really special couple to me for lots of reasons.  I was Taylor's history teacher in high school (hard to believe! I was a very young teacher;).  I hadn't seen Taylor for a few years until one morning he walked into our church.  It was so good to see him again, and I remembered how he preferred to be called "Dangerously Good Looking" (DGL for short).  He always made me laugh, especially when grading papers and seeing DGL written for his name.  Soon he began to bring a special friend with him to church, Page.  She is kind and fun and talented (Page graduated from UGA with a photography degree).  Jared and I got to know the two of them together as a couple and have grown closer to them through pre-marital counseling and just hanging out together.  The best way to describe them as a couple is tell about the day they came into church with a "Treat yo self" shirts.  If you aren't familiar with the saying, it's from the show Parks and Recreation.  Seriously you should check out this clip to see it.  At the time Page worked for a t-shirt company so she had 2 'treat yo self' shirts made.  Whenever they wear them that it means it's a treat yo self day.  I can say with confidence that I want to be friends any couple that wears t-shirts like this.

So one day Page and Taylor showed up at our house, sat down at our table, and told us they wanted to get married.  We were SO excited.  Then Jared asked when, and they said in the next month.  GASP! That only gives you less than a month to plan! But treat yo self it was and they pulled off a wedding in less than a month.  Jared officiated the ceremony in Talbotton, Georgia near Columbus.  It was a few days after Christmas and this couple could not have been happier.  I think the pictures hopefully show how incredibly happy they were to get married.  This just goes to show you that all the timelines and expenses brides feel that have to have aren't always necessary if you just want to go ahead and tie the knot! So in honor of my friends this post is officially the "Treat Yo Self Wedding".  Love you guys.