Mr. + Mrs. Abdou//3 tips for a FUN wedding

I love a good wedding.  clearly.  And I've learned not to take a fun wedding for granted because there are so many factors that go into a blast of a wedding day.  One of the factors is having family members that love to laugh and dance and hug and cry.  Another factor for great weddings is how the couple enjoys each other, their guests, and the day.  This couple, Jimmy and Anna, are the perfect example of newly weds who enjoyed their day and had families that just really knew how to have fun.  I kinda wished I was part of their family after being with them all day! So tip #1 for a fun wedding day based on Jimmy and Anna's: figure out ways to help you enjoy your day better.  If that means the size of the wedding (big or small), the type of music that plays while you're getting ready to help with your nerves, the people that you choose to surround yourself with, or even picking a venue where the staff will be serving your needs- whatever can help you enjoy the day! Jimmy and Anna had such a great reception thanks to all the help from the venue (the Hyatt Regency Suites in Atlanta) that served them and the guests in every detail.  Jimmy told me at the end of the day that the Hyatt was one reason their wedding had been so awesome!

I loved this blue shoes Anna wore with lace on the back of them... I'm pretty sure this was an Etsy find.  Etsy is such a good resource for all things wedding...


Fun Wedding Tip #2: take care of your wedding party, especially the groomsmen.  This means that if there is a really significant SEC championship game the same day as your wedding, try to plan wedding party pictures around it as much as possible:) Anna had talked with me about planning pictures so the groomsmen could still catch some of the Georgia vs Alabama game, and I totally understood.  Matter of fact I wanted to get updates on the game, too! This shot of them watching Georgia score a touchdown just makes me happy (and sad considering the oh so close outcome).  But I love that Anna and Jimmy planned the schedule with their specific friends in mind.  For some people that's scheduling pictures around kick-off, and for others its giving an indoor break for a hot outside summer wedding.  But taking care of your wedding party goes a long way in helping to have a more fun and enjoyable day.  Another good idea a friend recently told me was to ask your bridesmaids what their budget was for dresses.  That way the bride can look for dresses around the price range her maids can afford.  I didn't do that but wish I had in retrospect!

Jimmy and Anna's ceremony took place in a Maronite Catholic church, which has it's own unique traditions and practices from Lebanon.    One part I enjoyed was when the priest placed crowns on the bride and groom, symbolizing how marriage is a picture of the union between Jesus Christ (as a crowned King) and his church.  And I thought Jimmy and Anna looked beautiful and regal in the crowns!

Fun Wedding Tip #3: At your reception, include music that will get everyone on the dance floor.  Jimmy and Anna had music that everyone knew, the latest dance songs, and even middle eastern songs that got Jimmy's family (from Lebanon I believe) up and teaching everyone dances specific to their culture.  It was such a great mix that guests of all ages were cutting a rug.  Possibly one of the best moments was when Anna slow danced with with her dad and then transitioned into a faster pace song.  Anna's dad really showed some of his awesome dance moves and had everybody laughing and smiling from ear to ear.  See photo below:)

I usually don't include this many dancing pictures in a blog post but these just make me happy, and in an effort to spread happiness I think it's my duty to post them.

Quick note about Jimmy's dad, Louie.  I absolutely loved that Louie could be seen throughout the wedding day holding his videocamera.  I caught him right before the ceremony started walking down the outside church aisle with his camcorder!  He always had a big smile on his face and you could tell what a happy and proud dad he was. Louie even danced with this camcorder (and ironically you can see the videographer next to him in this picture below).  Such a fun family. I know they do great as business franchise owners of Jimmy Johns because they are just such good people.

Thank you Jimmy and Anna for being such good people to work for- I loved your wedding and loved how it was completely and genuinely you.  You have such fun and loving friends and family and I hope these pictures can always be a reminder of that.  Best wishes!!!