Mr. + Mrs. Peacock//Athens Wedding

Scott and Emily's wedding was a total deja vu experience for me, and the first of its kind in the last 45 weddings that I've photographed! Their ceremony was at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Athens, the church where husband and I got married 8 years ago.  Their florist was European Floral Designs, the same florist I had chosen for our wedding (and she is AMAZING, ps).  And the bridal party included 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen, only 2 short of our 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen.  I know- that is crazy that I had 12 but I just had special people in my life that I wanted to be a part of the wedding day! It was kinda like a bridal army instead of bridal party.  No shame.  So anyways, all this to say that it was crazy for me to back in that church for a wedding for the first time since I said my vows and to watch the day unfold being on a completely different side of it.  Enough of my story, though... Scott and Emily met at Ole Miss, but with Emily from Athens they decided to have their wedding here.  Their wedding was incredibly classy, from the beautiful color of the bridesmaid dresses and awesome gold bracelets they wore to the reception at the Athens Country Club with all its oh so green golf courses and gorgeous chandeliers.  My favorite part of the whole day was Scott and Emily's grand getaway- Emily's dad had arranged for a friend to bring his classic Andy Griffith police car (straight out of Mayberry) and have an Athens police officer handcuff them and drive off with the newlyweds, siren and all.  It was so fun to watch and photograph- especially since Emily and Scott had no idea it was coming!  Thanks so much Scott and Emily for asking me to photograph your wedding day- and thanks Christina Schuman for second shooting with me-- fun times in Athens, GA!!!this next picture is when Scott was passing by the windows of the garden area and the bridesmaids rushed to cover Emily so that he didn't see her... it was priceless and even better to see Emily's face in the middle of the crowd of body guards!gold bracelet that the bridesmaids wore (below).  I LOVE that. great job, Emily!!!