Julian + Emily//Athens Engagement

This engagement session is close to my heart for a number of reasons: because (1.) Julian is a friend of mine from college and happened to be a very close friend of Jared's (my husband), and was a groomsmen in our wedding 8 years ago (2.) he waited on God to provide the right person for him for what felt like a long time... finishing medical school and his residency and still waiting until last October when he met Emily and it became clear that she was the one (3.) to see how much joy Emily brings Julian, and vice versa.  When Julian smiled at Emily for pictures, it was the smile of a guy who his head over heels in love and more than overflowing with gratitude to God for bringing this amazing girl into his life when he did not expect it.  Emily is in PA school to be a physician's assistant at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta where Julian graduated and now works as a medical doctor.  Emily is spunky and smart and deep all at the same time, and I'm sure so much more than that.  Julian is wise and funny and intelligent (I remember when he got into both med school and law school and he was trying to decide which he would choose... that's a smart guy right there) and so helpfully honest about life and all the joys and sorrows of it.  They hope to do medical missions in a Spanish speaking country, serving people through medicine and bringing the good news of a God who loves us and is for us because of Jesus to people who haven't experienced it.  I couldn't be more excited for Julian and this upcoming marriage.  I also couldn't be more excited about the wedding reception they will be having for multiple reasons:  (1.) it turns out Emily LOVES to dance and especially to fun popular rap songs (i.e. "white girl pretends she ghetto" at dance parties- ME!) (2.) Julian doesn't know what to do when Emily pulls out all her crazy dance moves, and that's just like my husband!! (3.) husband Jared will be at their reception and since he would do anything for Julian the word on the street is that my own husband will bring back a college dance that has been put away for too many years called, "Little Horse" where he calls a horse out of a stable and proceeds to ride on the pretend horse around the room.  This reception is going to be the highlight of my year.  Emily even showed some dance moves during the engagement session and it was amazing.  Love it.  This couple is such an example of the goodness of God to bring people together who are just so right for one another, and I'm thankful I have the opportunity to document this great gift.  Praise be to God for fun music, making our bodies in such a way that we can do awkward dance moves, and being so kind to give us best friends to marry.  You guys are great.  We went to eat at Ted's Most Best pizza before taking pictures so we could all catch up and introduce our wee ones to them.  I'll include those pictures too because it's part of the story, and because I think my kids are cute.  Quick story about this restaurant: the pizza place is named after a guy who worked at the Grit named Ted who has since died.  Supposedly Ted would tell his waiters and waitresses when he was in charge at The Grit to do their most best every time everyday.  So this restaurant was named in his honor- Ted's Most Best.  I thought that was a pretty awesome statement. Just had to post some pictures from our time together with the kiddos... now to just Julian and Emily!! Emily's awesome dance face came out- amazing...

incredible ring. good job, Jules.

emily this is your señorita modeling face for sure!!! (see pic below:)

i think this is a dreamy picture; you guys are such a cute couple... can't wait for October!!