Mr. + Mrs. Sims//Atlanta Wedding

Joy.  That is the one word that describes this WHOLE wedding day, from the flowers arriving to the last dance on the dance floor.  I posted Rachel and Marshall's engagement pictures a few weeks back and recounted some of their story, but what I didn't mention is that this couple has been together since high school.  They have grown up together and have waited so long for this day.  The years of waiting were part of the ingredients that made this wedding day one of the sweetest joys ever.  I've known Rachel for awhile, and one funny thing she always says is, "...this is the best day EVER" (whether its eating brownies, going on a date night with Marshall, or going for an evening run).  Everything is "BEST EVER."  I love that about her.  And it was so fun to say that phrase on her wedding day as she said, "no really guys, this IS the best day ever."  The above picture was taken right when they walked out of the chapel after the ceremony.  I have never seen two people  more excited in my entire life. really.  They were both jumping up and down and crying.  I started crying!!! It was so sweet and there was something really right about everything.  One reason I love wedding photography is because it is documenting a celebration, a time where we get to really see how God is so good to give us this gift of another person who we can walk, run, and sometimes limp through life with.  It really is one of the best gifts ever.  Marshall and Rachel oozed happiness all day.  Rachel mentioned on Facebook after looking at a bunch of wedding magazines, "why do brides look so unhappy and serious in pictures?"  It all depends on your personality but if you can't tell from these pictures Rachel is anything but unhappy or serious... she is totally and completely happy and their joy got all over my lens that day:)  I am so happy for you guys and am thankful that I got to be a part of this day.  Here's a toast to happy brides and to making your wedding the best. day. ever. 

and here's some shots from my Fuji Instax camera of Rachel and Marshall leaving... 21st century polaroids for some instant fun:)