Mr. + Mrs. Dykes//Atlanta Wedding

I think Kelsey's dad said that Bryce and Kelsey met in 3rd grade, and have been dating since high school... I have a special place in my heart for high school sweethearts considering that was my parent's story, too and I think love that has been tested over the years is the best. Their wedding was beautiful in so many ways, and maybe most especially in the heart that was behind it all. Kelsey and Bryce love God lots. You can tell by the way they treat each other, the way they planned their wedding ceremony, and by the people they surrounded themselves with on their wedding day. The ceremony was a real worship gathering where songs about the greatness of God were sung and Kelsey and Bryce actually stepping to the front pew to sing a few songs in the midst of the ceremony. Bryce and Kelsey gave each other gifts before the ceremony: Bryce gave Kelsey a Bible with her new name printed on it, and a glass vase (that I later found out Bryce gave to her for their new life together, and that it would always have flowers in it:). Kelsey gave Bryce a super nice watch (it was time to get married!) and a journal that she had been writing to him for awhile. These were such thoughtful gifts and really said a lot about their relationship and character as a couple. I love weddings that are meaningful, and this day was so rich in thoughtfulness and love. I also love having fun (which means dancing for me:) and there was LOTS of dancing at this wedding. Young and old were gettin' down together, and the band was incredible. I hope some of the reception pictures do a fair job telling the story that this was an uber fun dance party. The band also played some great Journey songs, which is one of my favorite bands of all times, so it was hard for me just to keep to my job of taking pictures without wanting to get out my air guitar or better yet, keytar, and start playing! One last note before the pictures... I loved hearing the bridesmaids and moms pray for Kelsey and Bryce before the ceremony. It was really special to hear Bryce's mom pray for them. She mentioned that she had prayed for Bryce's wife since he was born and how thankful she was for Kelsey. I think that meant so much to me because now I'm a mom of 2 little boys, and we pray that God would bless them with a spouses who will love and understand them well. It will be a very sweet day if/when (God willing we get out of diapers) I get to hug my son's wife and tell her that she is an answer to lots of prayers. All that to say it must have meant a lot for Kelsey to hear that from her new mother in law. So here are some pictures from the day, including a little polaroid (well, actually it comes from a Fuji Instax camera that I have and love to use to get instant low-fi pictures).   Notice the GA Tech groom's cake... Bryce played football at Georgia Tech (as a quarterback) so it was fitting to have this kind of groom's cake.  Even though I live in Athens & I'm a graduate of UGA, I can appreciate our smarter counterparts from North Avenue.   Thanks so much,Kelsey and Bryce, for asking me to photograph your wedding!!