Emmi + Reese

I still remembering walking to my car in downtown Athens and seeing these two sitting by a tree.   I stopped to say hi and quickly realized Emmi and Reese were an item (is that still a term?).  They clearly enjoyed talking with each other and just taking in life around them.  I love getting to see their relationship grow, and how much they longed to be married.  So glad I could be a part of their day and look forward to knowing them now as a married couple!!


Emmi's flowers were done by our amazing mutual friend, Ashlie Johnson of Bud and Bloom.  I loved all the greenery, and thanks to Josh Smith of Tailored Events an organic and minimal feel was woven throughout the details and flow of the day.


Wedding photographers often photograph the details because they make pretty photos to post, but what matters more is when details hold a story worth remembering.  The groomsmen all wore navy woven ties, and I found out from Reese that the tie choice was inspired by finding an old tie of his grandfather's and replicating that look for all the groomsmen.  Another fun detail was the "N" monogram on the handkerchief Reese carried.  I thought maybe his full name started with a "N" or something else I didn't know about him, but it turned out to be based on a joke his grandmother had told.  He told me that his grandmother had said the "N" on the handkerchief was for nose, which had to make you laugh when you were tearing up.  It was a joke in their family, so it was fitting for Reese to carry his own "N" handkerchief.  Hopefully I'm telling that story right... Reese you'll have to validate my "N" re-telling!  I love it when a wedding day is full of family stories and heirlooms.

I took a lot of photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but these photos kinda cracked me up so I had to post them.  Emmi is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.  I have taken lots of pensive and model photos of her in the past for other projects, so to see her just open mouth and happy made my day.  Her beauty is easy to see in her model moments and yet there is a whole other side of her beauty in the joy she takes around those she loves.  And the most so with Reese.  The photo below captured the moment when I realized how funny Reese is.  He was being silly and made a series of awesome expressions and entertaining faces, and that's only a small sliver of how much fun he is to be around.

The Engine Room in Monroe is one of the most unique venues with all sorts of character and an industrial feel.  The decor went so well with the venue, including this wedding cake and the uber good from Mama's Boy.  The reception kicked off with first dances, and these go down in my book as some of the most energetic and happy first dances I have ever seen!  

The anniversary dance that celebrates the couple married the longest followed the first dances, with Emmi's grandparents having been married the longest.  The DJ asked her grandfather what has led to a happy and long marriage, and her grandfather said, "I love her more than I love myself."  Tears.  Me, in tears, behind the camera.  What an amazing picture of love.

The reception was a blast- these two love some good 90s alternative and pop music which is MY FAVORITE! I loved seeing them dance and have fun with their friends.  The air guitar action was amazing (see below) and Reese's hair completes his dance moves for a perfect 10.  When Mmmm Bop was played, I decided I needed their music playlist (but really, my favorite was Beastie Boy's Brass Monkey:)

So much love for these two and their families... thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day and i hope that one day you get to dance together at your grandchildren's wedding counting up all the decades you've been by each other's side.  XO!