good reads

I love reading, but have so many half-read book that it's embarrassing.  I also love reading non-fiction (I really struggle to read stories, novels, etc). Even before typing that I had to look up the difference between non-fiction and fiction because I get confused EVERY TIME I think about those words.  I thought it'd be fun to post some of the books I'm reading and give a little review, so for the first post I'm going for my latest and quickest read, Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews.  It's a  kindle edition (digital book) and is super inexpensive.  Totally worth the $2.99 I paid on Amazon. It reminded me a lot of the book, Shopping for Time.  

Both books were written to help people think through the different roles they play in life and how that determines your priorities and then your schedule.  For any person who struggles with scheduling and feeling lost with time these books are so good.  But one word of caution- I read Shopping for Time a few years ago and realized since then it's one of those books you might need to read multiple times as your life changes.  Both books are very short (huge incentive to me:) and have really practical questions to help you walk through what time management looks like for you.  Being a mom, wife, photographer, daughter, friend, church member, etc. has been hard for me to figure out and I look for all the help I can get!!! My goal is to post more good reads a few times a month to motivate me to actually read the books I got for Christmas- so more to come:)