Senior Portraits

I love to photograph senior sessions.  It's such an exciting time of life to be at the end of adolescence and at the brink of lots of opportunity.  I think about my senior pictures and can't imagine if I had pictures like this of me at that time (both scary and fun:).  My pictures were briefly taken in a studio and then by a tree outside of my high school.  The picture quality was great for sure but not a personal session capturing genuine smiles or laughter or anything that was significant to me.  Photography has changed so much since then and part of that has been the senior picture experience. I've been behind in posting on the blog but I thought it would be worth posting a few images from the most recent senior picture sessions.  I taught high school for 7 years and was reminded of how much I enjoyed getting to know the students through these sessions.  Thank you guys for all being willing to smile and endure awkwardness for a little while in order to get an accurate and beautiful picture of this time in your lives.  Can't wait to see where you go these next few years...

Emma//Senior Awesomeness

I met Emma when she was around 7 years old, so when Ingrid (Emma's mom) contacted me about senior pictures I had a hard time believing that Emma was a senior in high school!! As I was going through these pictures I just kept saying, "She is so beautiful!" Emma has this serious stare/look at the camera that is killer.  When I make that face my mouth starts to quiver and then I break into a not so attractive laugh but Emma looked like the most natural model I've ever seen.  I keep magazines to use as inspiration for photo shoots, and she is straight out of the Anthropologie catalog.  Or better yet (because she loves it...) Urban Outfitters.  I promise I'll stop after this but I just love her awesome long curly hair and her wide eyes.  Emma is such a total package- pretty and smart and she loves God. YOU ARE LOVELY EMMA!!

After our Jittery Joes session- we traveled around Watkinsville to find some pretty spots for pictures.  It was so good catching up with Emma and hearing about her life.  I'm excited too that she plans on going to UGA next year!

Check out this girl's hair- I LOVE IT! Emma you are beauty-full! I have permed my hair so many times to get this look but all I got was really stinky hair:) love it emma.

thanks so much Emma for letting me drive you everywhere and being up for anything.  And for being an awesome model!!