Mr. + Mrs. Browne//A Snowy Brasstown Valley Wedding

This was the first wedding I've ever photographed in the snow- and I couldn't have been more excited about it.  Georgia weddings don't tend to include snow, so when it comes down I think everyone gets a little giddy.  Kellie and Michael might be two of the kindest people I've met.  They chose to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony, and I think the moments they saw each other for the first time and prayed together spoke more than any words could.  They stood there in the 30 degree weather looking at each other with such visible love and adoration for each other.  I could just tell they are really best friends.  I know obviously marriage is more than friendship, but it certainly isn't less than that and yet so many people hardly seem to be able to say that about their spouse.  Michael and Kellie lovingly looked at each other all through the da, and laughed together a lot.  My kind of a couple:)

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris, Georgia.  The snow caused a change in plans as to where the ceremony and reception would take place but it turned out more than amazing.  The ceremony was outdoors with fire places surrounding the pavilion overlooking the North Georgia mountains, and the reception was moved indoors to a beautiful lodge space.  Big props to the great people at Brasstown Valley for making the changes   goes so smoothly (and for being really kind to everyone!)

I know this is such a random picture to include but I wanted to say a big thank you to all the family who waited for pictures to be finished outside in the freezing temperatures... what a great family! They all did the "Oh my gosh this is crazy cold" dance so I had to document it.  You just never know what you are going to get with Georgia weather!

My favorite shots are typically of grandparents, so this one of course made my day... I hope to dance A LOT the older I get.  I think it's good for the body and soul! And of course I love Neal's thumbs up!

Thanks so much Kellie + Michael for a beautiful day and having such a great and positive attitude in the midst of changing plans and cold temperatures- you guys really are a special couple:) and thanks to your families for being so great to work with!!