Mr. + Mrs. Smith//John's Creek Wedding

First of all I had to post the above picture of Caitlin because she is absolutely stunning.  I usually post pictures of super happy couples and people but I thought Caitlin looked like such a model bride that she had to make the cover page:)  Caitlin and Nic's wedding ceremony took place at Perimeter Church followed by an uber fun reception at the Payne-Corley House in Duluth.  The dancing at the reception was pretty exceptional, with wild dance moves from people of all ages! Caitlin and Nic are such a sweet couple, and Caitlin really had a regal bride look to her more so than I've ever seen before.  Oh and how cute are these shoes Caitlin wore?!

Caitlin and Nic both wrote letters to each other to read before the ceremony and their faces just showed how special the words were.  You can always tell a really heartfelt totally in love couple from these moments!

best moment- right after the couple walks out of the ceremony officially as husband and wife!!

My talented second shooter and dear friend Kathryn Kimmel spotted this potential 3rd photographer for the wedding... and he loves Canon:)

After Caitlin and Nic left for their honeymoon, I had some AMAZING bridesmaids' help with sparklers to spell out "Smith"... I should post the outtakes from our time trying to do this because it took lots of attempts-- I even tried it and did a horrible job! I'm pretty sure this one was Jules Ryan's artwork so LOTS of credit to her! Best wishes to Caitlin and Nic!!