Mr. + Mrs. Hester//Augusta Wedding

Lacey and Jordan got in touch with me last year about photographing their wedding and were so on the ball with all things of the planning process.  We met at a coffee shop and I mentioned I hoped to get pregnant some time in the next year so that might factor into the whole booking the wedding date thing.  Funny enough, husband and I planned on trying to get pregnant around this wedding date so that I would be able to fulfill my commitment... and sure enough I got pregnant and had a baby between that meeting and their wedding date!  Too much information I know, but it's kinda crazy to know how much can change from one meeting to a wedding a year later.  So almost a year passed and Jordan and Lacey got married on New Year's Eve in the Augusta, GA area.  They are a great couple, and really go super well together.  There ceremony took place in Appling where Jordan's parents are pastors at their church, and Lacey's grandfather officiated the ceremony (he, too, is a pastor... they are all over this family!!!).  These two families were incredible.  There was such a good family feeling that I kinda wished I could be part of their family photos:)  The reception was at the incredible Sacred Heart Cultural Center (ironically the same place I shot a wedding the night before!).  The band (Stephen Lee Band) at the reception was awesome (check out their site here).  I knew when I saw a harmonica and heard them playing Rocket Man I was going to like them!   Side note: I may sound like a oldie but I love that song... it makes me feel like I'm an astronaut who's life is lived partly here and partly in some cool other place.  So anyways, the reception was such fun.  Both Jordan and Lacey have lots of great personalities in their families so the floor was full of young and old dancing together, which is a rare sight.  Lacey had an incredible dress and looked beautiful, and you could tell Jordan adores her by the way he looks at her (especially when he saw her walking down the aisle!).  Oh, and how could I forget to mention Grandma Sandy??? I posted her picture earlier on my blog, but she was a trip.  And Lacey's grandfather might have been the coolest pastor I've ever met.  Everything was so special and great except for finding out that Lacey's family were big University of Tennessee fans.  But at least they weren't Florida fans.  Jordan and Lacey are proud University of Georgia Bulldogs, so their marriage is still untainted by the orange that runs in Lacey's family.  I'm only kidding (i have orange in my family, too- my brother is DIE HARD UT graduate and fan).  The groom's cake was an amazing copy of Sanford Stadium (home of the bulldogs) and every stadium detail was on the cake!  I wanted an end zone piece but go tied up taking pictures on the dance floor of all the fun guests.  At any rate, thanks Jordan and Lacey for asking me to be a part of your day and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to meet all the people who are special to you- you have such great family and friends!!

Mr. + Mrs. Livingston//Augusta Wedding

Joe + Kristen = a fun, laid back, and incredibly loving couple... and now husband and wife! Kristen and Joe got married at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, which is an amazing cathedral turned events facility that looks like it came straight out of Italy.  We took most of the pictures before the ceremony so we could capture the beauty of Sacred Heart before the sun went down and have a little time to get some pictures of just Kristen and Joe.  They saw each other beforehand, had some time to hug and enjoy seeing each other in the  middle of a chaotic day, and then smile and kiss lots for the camera:)  It is so sweet to see the chemistry between couples and how we each find our home in another person.  You could just tell that seeing Joe was what made all the fuss of wedding details worth it for Kristen, and that they felt a sense of relief in seeing and being with each other.  They both were up for anything, so we got pictures on the grounds of the cultural center and also in the middle of the road in downtown Augusta.  This was pretty funny... Kristen's dad stopped traffic with orange cones to make sure his daughter and new son-in-law were able to pose and kiss for random street shots!  Kristen was even up for sitting on the steps of the church with Joe (she said she didn't mind sitting in the dress because it's not like she's planning on wearing it again!!!! love it:).  I am one of those people that wants to suck life dry as much as possible, and for me it means fully using what I've been given.   Side note: this is a process for me of learning to "suck life dry," not trying to save it or preserve something that isn't meant to last forever, but I'm learning more what that means everyday.  What that means for a wedding day is to not be afraid of messing up a dress (within reason of course!), not saving my energy for a future moment but giving my all to what is before me.  I feel like Kristen and Joe lived that out on their wedding day, having fun with pictures, not fretting about something getting on their clothes but living the day fully and enjoying the fleeting moments that would one day only be preserved in pictures.  They hugged lots of people and tore up the dance floor, and when they left you could tell they had a really good time.  I am thankful for couples like this who have such positive attitudes about even the huge family photos and keep reminding themselves that this day is one that will pass all too quickly, so it should be enjoyed.  Thanks Kristen and Joe for having me be a part of your day.  You made it a real joy for me:) d LOVE this shot of Joe... workin' it on the dance floor!and to match Joe's awesome dance shot is Kristen at the photo booth... Sassy Bride!!!

some instant film pics to finish it off.  You guys are instant fun... for real:)