What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Someone recently asked me what seems to be the most common wedding attire among guests... And it hit me that it completely depends on the type of wedding.  The most recent wedding I photographed was on New Year's Eve, and it was classy & elegant, definitely a black tie affair.  Fast forward six months from now and many weddings will be outdoor and more casual.

The advice I recently gave my mom as she picked out her New Year's Eve dress for a family wedding was this: make sure you feel good in it, and you will rock it.  Does it make you feel like you still got it? Or are you somewhat self-conscious? Whatever you feel in it will show, so go with your gut on this one.  I have this weird thing with long earrings.  For some reason I feel awkward in them, and no matter what anyone else says, I don't wear them.  Unless for some reason I hit a new era of style and love them.  So I'm learning to go with what feels right so I can break it down and have fun without thinking too much about my outfit.  

This Wedding Guest Style Guide is a great resource to help plan your outfit thanks to The Black Tux- be sure to check them out if you are looking for a simple and modern suit or tux option! The guide is simple- look at the wedding invitation and find the matching style.  The other rule of thumb I've found to be mostly true is the earlier in the day, the more casual the wedding (unless otherwise specified).  So choose something you feel great in, that fits the event type, and make sure you can move around in it... I've seen a few guest attire rips that I'm sure weren't meant to be photographed!!