Matt + Emily

I knew I would enjoy getting to know Matt and Emily based on the emails between Emily and I.   Emily told me that she and Matt loved to have fun together and laugh a lot, which is what I would describe as the perfect couple to photograph:)  Emily and I had been trying to schedule a session since April so I was so glad that the rain held off long enough for these pictures finally in July.  As I talked with Matt and Emily we realized we all grew up within maybe even a mile of each other- small world!! Emily had randomly found my website so we had no idea of our Kennesaw connections.  At any rate, I felt immediately excited about taking their engagement pictures and getting to know my long lost neighbors...

We explored the Botanical Gardens and then walked through UGA's campus, even though Emily went to Clemson and is an avid Tiger fan.  Matt and Emily have known each other since they were teenagers (maybe younger?) and clearly have one of those relationships where they know each other so well and are best friends.  My husband and I were friends for awhile before we started dating so I really can appreciate relationships that start this way.  I'm so glad I got to meet you guys and loved photographing you two!!

Matt made this awesome face as they walked together and I just love it.  To me some of the best pictures aren't the staged shots but ones that capture some unique expressions or raw moments.  It makes me want to be a fly on the wall with a camera and photograph natural interactions between people! But since that isn't possible I have to do my best as a normal person 3rd wheeling it with couples trying to help them feel comfortable with me and my big camera around.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys- I enjoyed it!