Andrew + Kaitlin//Perfectly in love

blog-3 I just LOVE this couple.  I love that they shared their story with me on when they first met, their first date, their first serious dating conversation, and their engagement.  Kaitlin asked Andrew to describe their relationship and what he hoped their engagement pictures might show, and she shared with me what he said. Warning: this might be one of the sweetest things.  After realizing that was kind of a loaded question, he said, "Here's what I would hope to capture in the pictures: how well we complement each other and how much in love we are with one another.  We have times where we are goofy, awkward, etc. but overall I think we are just perfectly in love."  Perfectly in love.  Good answer Andrew, good answer.

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Kaitlin and Andrew met through mutual friends and would pass by each other after class on East Campus.  After a few times smiling and saying hi, Kaitlin realized this was going to be a strategic time to make sure she looked her best and didn't miss that critical time of day.  They would pass by each other but Andrew was often with friends so it was a quick hello until one day Andrew broke free from his men to stop and have a longer conversation with Kaitlin.  Andrew eventually asked her out on a date, and they went to Transmetropolitan downtown for dinner.  So we made sure to get some pictures of them in front of Transmet to signify one of the important places in their love story.  And if you want to see a priceless picture of Andrew proposing to Kaitlin, check out the front cover of UGA's e-magazine for recent graduates here.  That's them in front of the fountain on Herty field!



They went on multiple dates and started becoming a lot closer.  They would meet each other in this little courtyard near Warnell (school for forest resources at UGA) and listen to the bluegrass band that played during lunchtime .  Kaitlin and Andrew both love to be outside- it was so funny to hear Kaitlin say that when it rains they go to the aquarium and Academy sports but then they don't know what to do after that.  While I was talking to Kaitlin about something Andrew went off and picked a flower and put it behind Kaitlin's ear, and they hugged a real genuine hug.  I quickly realized that they were one of the cutest couples I've ever photographed.


And as if they weren't great enough I was joking around about an exit sign showing through the doors in this next picture and then they both gave me this great pose! Out of no where but my camera was ready for it.  Reason #300 I love this couple.


Our last stop on tour de Athens engagement pictures was the street where they crossed paths serendipitously each week.  Obviously if you didn't know that you'd look at this picture and wonder why I took it.  But something occurred to me in taking these pictures- pictures are meant to tell a story and capture a stage in their relationship to look back on for years to come.  On our anniversary husband and I sit down with our wedding album and other albums from our past and look through all the pictures.  We forget little things, fun memories, places that were significant to us.  We forget so easily and yet pictures do something in helping us remember a really good story we have found ourselves in, even if some chapters have been more difficult than the first.  So my goal in taking these pictures of Kaitlin and Andrew is to give them something to look back on and remember how they met, what is was like to see each other on the street and the excitement of the possibility of love.  How ordinary places become somewhat sacred to us because of their significance.  I think in marriage we have to remind ourselves of our own story over and over so that we don't forget how good it is.  Thank you guys for being in love and showing it- I hope you work hard to stay perfectly in love and have pictures taken of you 50 years from now that still show it.  Maybe I could take them for you:)

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