Dr. + Mrs. Hutchins//Celebrating God's Goodness

I just love this couple.  The groom, Julian, was my husband's roommate in college and a good friend of mine, too.  Julian was in our wedding almost 9 years ago, and at that point he was just beginning medical school.  It was so good to get a message from him a few months back asking me about wedding photography because he was about to ask his then girlfriend, Emily to marry him.  Jared and I did a little stalking of Emily on Facebook (shameless) and saw that Julian landed a beautiful lady and realized we had met her before at UGA through Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).  Emily is a amazing- beautiful and smart and heart for people and God.  She is PA (physician's assistant), so between her and Dr. Julian Hutchins their wedding turned out to be full of more physicians than I had ever been around.  I think someone from every area of medicine was represented!! I am so so so glad that these two were brought together.  They clearly adore each other and the wedding was such a celebration of God's grace and goodness in bringing them together.  So now for some pictures...

Right across from the historic First Presbyterian Church is Macon's Grand Opera House.  So it only made sense that we ventured across the street to get a few pictures in front of this cool building!

Emily- you are BEAUTIFUL! these next two pictures just radiate beauty!!!

I don't think I've ever posted a benediction photo from the ceremony, but this shot just really meant a lot to me.  A benediction is just a pronouncement of blessing on something.  I love the hand raised by Rev. Stevenson- it just speaks volumes of God's blessing on this couple.  I love Julian's face as he takes in the blessing of God on his marriage, and the smile on Emily's face speaks a perfect satisfaction in that moment.  I just feel like it is a picture of God saying, "this is good."

I asked Julian and Emily to come over to another spot for pictures, and they over a little wall and then jumped from the bench to the ground... and so of course we had to get their picture being wild and free husband and wife! I know you see pictures of wedding parties jumping in the air but usually not the bride and groom! they are that laid back and comfortable with themselves and each other:) 

Emily grew up going to First Pres Macon and climbed up this tree on numerous occasions when she was little, so it was significant to capture a few pictures of her and Julian under the same tree she spent so much time on when she was younger...

and now for the reception at the amazing Macon Terminal Station! This place was grand and beautiful.

love the smile on Emily's face in this shot!! Good job with the first dance Jules:)

Jules and Emily breaking it down..

this photo cracks me up- it is of Julian after throwing the garter with his friend from college, Tim.  Julian was on stage and after Tim caught it, he ran and hugged Julian like a victory hug after winning a game! It was an epic moment.

Thanks so much to Page Hall for second shooting with me, and for Julian and Emily and their parents for planning and hosting such an incredibly meaningful and fun wedding!!!