Mr. + Mrs. Windhorst//Happy Marietta Wedding

This cute couple got married in Marietta two weeks ago, and after I told Kristin to smile and make a funny face I knew it was going to be a fun wedding:) She gives this awesome quirky grin along with some other fun faces, which I feel like I do every time I see a camera!  We might be camera soul sisters.  What I kept hearing people say over and over about this couple is how fun they are, and I believe it.  At the reception they made sure to dance A LOT, which so many couples on their wedding don't do because they are talking with guests or overwhelmed with it all.  But Hank and Kristin were breaking it down all night and we're the center of the fun the whole night.  Here are a few from their Marietta wedding...

Okay, how sweet is this... Kristin's childhood blankie that she was attached to was put in her bouquet to walk down the aisle with.  Kristin was totally fine all getting ready, no tears until the flowers came out and she saw this.  She had the sweetest face and then the tears started running! So here is Kristin' sister wiping her tears:)

... and here is a picture of the flowers where you can see her lil' blankie:)

Kristin, this is an amazing face. I bet you make a fun teacher:)

just a quick note about the Mother/Son dance... Hank's mom and I talked about what an incredible thing it is to love your child from even before birth, take care of him, change diapers, teach him how to ride a bike, love him through hard middle and high school years and then to see this person you love so ferociously and tenderly grow up and get married.  A mom's love is so incredibly deep, so every time I see a mother of the groom (since I have 2 boys) I am overwhelmed with what that mother must be feeling.  I had such a good moment with Hank's mom talking about this, so watching them dance made me tear up.  That's some enduring love.