Mr. + Mrs. Ratchford//A Wedding with Serious Chemistry

Adam and Katie met at the University of Georgia in, wait for it, CHEMISTRY class:) It was fitting that Adam asked for Katie's phone number so that they could study chemistry together.  When Katie told me how they met and eventually started dating (their first date being a chemistry study date), it made sense that she wanted to include this theme into their wedding day.  Katie and Adam are both science people, with Katie working as a physical science technician for the USDA and Adam entering medical school this fall.  Katie was able to get Erlenmeyer flasks from the USDA to use for flowers for the centerpieces at the reception, and the favors were candy-filled test tubes (with some sort of LOVE molecule on it!).  They even had a frame with their married name spelled out in elements from the Periodic Table! Who knew you could get those?! I have to say I loved it so much.  It was so fun to see their personalities shine through in the wedding details, and their love for all things Georgia and specifically science:) We took pictures all around the UGA campus, including a quick stop at the Chemistry building where it all began.  We even got some fun and quirky shots of them in nerd glasses even though they look nothing like the nerdy type! Thanks for being so fun, Adam and Katie, and for planning such a unique and personal wedding day.  I'm so glad I got to photograph it! And especially since Katie and I are sorta twins: we both drive volvo station wagons, we are both from New York, and of course we share the same name!!! oh, and my wedding colors were red and black, with black bridesmaid dresses and red flowers and even the same red roses in bridesmaids' hair!!! except I'm terrible in science.  But I think the Volvo is enough to make us good friends;) Thanks so much you two!!