Mr. + Mrs. Snow//John's Creek Wedding

There are so many things that I would love to blog about this wedding! Adam and Katelyn began dating during their time at Georgia Tech, and because of them and another great couple (Kelsey and Bryce Dykes) I have a new appreciation for Tech even as a graduate from rival school UGA.  Katelyn's mom had contacted me before the wedding to let me know about the significance of the flowers that would be used in the wedding and how a quarterly publication, Flower Magazine, would be doing a special feature about it.  Katelyn's grandmother is a rosarian (someone who grows roses) and has been for years.  She even has grown a specific type of rose named after Katelyn.  Of course when it came time for Adam and Katelyn's wedding it made sense to use these special roses for the flowers, but it's rare to find a florist who would be open to using roses from family gardens.  It turns out that Katelyn's grandmother has been friends with famous gardener Ryan Gainey (internationally known for his design of gardens) and Ryan was willing to make the arrangements and bouquets for the wedding using the special roses.  This story will be featured (along with photos!) in the summer 2013 issue of Flower Magazine, and will be written by Ryan Gainey himself! It was so special to see Katelyn with her grandmother and mother, holding the flowers that were so carefully grown and tended to by her grandmother.  I love it when the details of a wedding have sentimental value because it just makes it that much more special.  Adam and Katelyn (and the whole bridal party) were such good sports during outside pictures in the 100+ degree heat, and the groomsmen were even wanting to play around on the playground at Perimeter church in their ties and jackets! Another fun bit of information about the wedding was the band that played at the reception.  Katelyn apparently used to babysit for one of the lead singer's children, and when it came time for wedding planning they got in touch with him about music.  He then brought a bunch of talented musicians together to be the official band at the wedding- and they were INCREDIBLY talented.  My second shooter friend, the talented Kathryn Torbett, saw one of the band members and turned to me saying, "That is one of the characters on the TBS show, House of Payne!!!!" She had to verify it, so we made our way up front and she was right! Of course I got a picture of her and Palmer Williams, Jr. and we were pretty excited:) The band was really talented, and I was even more impressed when the electric guitarist came out into the dance floor and wailed.  Needless to say the reception was a blast for the guests (and for us:), from the famous people to the awesome officer who broke it down on the dance floor, taking off his military jacket and wearing a US Flag dress shirt.  I LOVED it.  I should have known that the reception would be fun when Katelyn and the bridesmaids were dancing up a storm in the bridal room only minutes before she walked down the aisle.  Such a great wedding- I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it!! Best wishes Adam and Katelyn!  PS- check out the picture of Adam and Katelyn's mothers' shoes.  They both wore amazing sparkle sass shoes- love love. LEAH! I had to include a picture of you in the blog post! It's a tradition now:)! Oh, and above is Palmer Williams, House of Payne actor!