The Mills Family//A Little Diplomat

My best friend (Lisa Driver) moved a few years ago to Birmingham after living in Athens for both college and her early married years.  I was so sad to see her go even though I know Birmingham has been such a great place for her and her growing family to live.  Since I've been close to Lisa for so long, I've really gotten to know and love her family.  I feel a special family connection to them.  Emily, Lisa's sister, married Matt who works for the US Government and they are technically both diplomats (which I think is UBER cool:).  And now they have a new baby diplomat, Abigail! I got to catch up with the whole family before Matt and Emily were moving to the Philippians, and get a few pictures of their family.  Abigail has the sweetest blue eyes and had to be the most pleasant baby I've ever photographed.  Meanwhile Lisa watched my little Ethan and Andy on top of Kennesaw Mountain.  Ethan wanted to play his paint can drums on top of the mountain so sweet Lisa listened to it while I photographed Emily's family.  Just a normal crazy day in our lives.  Matt and Emily, I hope the transition to your new home has been smooth and that it's beautiful there! How awesome that Abigail won't have to deal with cold weather in these early years... lots of love.