Katie is only weeks away from starting her senior year and I'm jealous.  I know most people my age don't want to go back to high school but I think I would go back in a heartbeat.  Senior year is so much fun, with a big future ahead of you but also so many fun times throughout the year, from every possible senior activity (senior nights, senior trips, senior week, senioritis:) to daydreaming about how free you will be in a year living on your own in college.  Katie talked about being a little nervous about all the big decisions that she has to make this year (which can definitely be stressful) but with a good family like hers I think she'll be fine. I found out through our time together that Katie is a country girl, from hunting to fishing and a love for all things John Deere.  I'm afraid to kill spiders but Katie could kill a deer in a heartbeat, I bet.  These are skills I never learned growing up in suburban Atlanta.  She is the kinda friend I want around on a camping trip, for sure!  It was so fun to hang out with you, Katie, and I love your laugh in pictures- it's the best!!! I hope senior year is full of good times and sweet memories.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL KATIE! seriously. Such an awesome combination of dark hair and eye color. So pretty