Stephen + Megan//Norcross Engagement

This engagement session was my first time meeting die hard University of South Carolina fans, which is no surprise considering I live in Athens, GA.  So it was fun for me to learn all about USC and to hear some good things about Steve Spurrier (a coach that most Dawg fans do not like considering his reign at the University of Florida and all of Georgia's losses to the Gators).  But onto to the lovely couple... Megan and Stephen! This couple has been dating since high school, and have known each other even longer.  Megan told me that Stephen wrote in her 8th grade yearbook that he hoped he didn't have any classes with her in high school! Oh, the irony:) This couple actually went to Prom together, so they could accurately do their prom pose for engagement pictures.  I love seeing couples that have known each other for such a long time, who have memories of growing up together.  They both attended USC and are loyal gamecock fans, so we got some pictures of them in their USC attire.  And Stephen really wanted to make sure his "well-loved" (in Megan's terms, gross) hat made an appearance, too.  One last note- I showed up and Megan and Stephen were swinging on the swings in this park we met at, and I could tell they were a fun couple when Megan was jumping around on the playground!  And when I found out that Megan is a black belt in Karate and could give piggy back rides to 6 ft something Stephen.  My hero.  Thanks guys for such a fun engagement session.  I'm looking forward to this couple's wedding as they travel back from Indianapolis to Atlanta for their wedding!!