Brad + Ginny Rae//Athens Engagement

I am so excited to post pictures from the engagement session I had with Brad and Ginny Rae for multiple reasons that need to be listed: 1. Ginny Rae's fashion sense is AMAZING.  I actually told her that I might need to go out and buy the same exact outfit she had on for the pictures (and then grow my hair out, dye it blonde and buy some colored contact lenses. jk.) Her green dress was killa and the necklace sent me over the top.  I love photographing colors so this outfit made for some amazing green in pictures.  I should let everyone know where they can get this look (Ginny Rae didn't know she would be a trendsetter but if you see ladies everywhere mimicking this you know who to blame:) Dress: Nordstroms.  Necklace: Anthropologie.  Ginny Rae's hair? God and some good product.

2. The weather for the engagement shoot was horribly amazing.  That's right... both horrible and amazing.  As they were smiling and I was taking pictures, we heard thunder and saw the sky getting pretty dark.  We drove to the next little spot and you could actually see the rain coming down in the distance.  So there we were, pretending it was just another beautiful day hanging out in random fields while the sky was just minutes away from opening up on us.  This was amazing because the sky turns a deep dark blue before it rains, so the pictures almost look fake in terms of the colors and lighting.  But that is the beauty of a pre-storm landscape.  You can see some raindrops on Brad's shirt in a few pictures.  And seconds later we said quick good-byes and bolted to the car!

3. One last reason I'm excited to post this session is because of how much fun this couple is.  Ginny Rae told me she wanted just fun pictures- pictures of them having a good time, being silly, smiling and some sweet ones.  This is my kind of couple! Brad was such a good sport about everything and up for all sorts of craziness, including dancing and swinging Ginny Rae around.  Their wedding will be in the fall at a family members' home in the midst of a pecan orchard, so I'm hopeful about getting some fun and beautiful wedding images of the two of them.  You guys are a party waiting to happen... thanks for having me be a part of the party!!!!