Ben + Brooke//Athens-ish engagement

I just had to write the location for this engagement session as "Athensish" because I'm not quite sure where we were- somewhere near i-85 and Commerce? Ben's mom told me about this park and we decided to give it a try for Ben and Brooke's engagement session and sure enough it was a beautiful place!! The shoals looked like a good photo place, so I asked them if they were up for standing in the water for a few pictures.  Brooke had mentioned wanting to do that so they were good with it.  I found a good place to stand but then my foot started slipping a little bit... so I got to a dryer spot.  Then I look up and see Ben starting to wobble in the water and wooooooosh!!!! Ben went down with the current of the water and got totally submerged into the river!!! I couldn't believe it and of course (being the opportunist photographer I am) I pulled out the camera and took some quick photos of him in the water.  I later thought about how that could have been offensive but Ben was such a good sport laughing about it and glad I got some shots of it.  So poor Ben.  We joked around that we were so glad it wasn't Brooke (every girl knows once your hair is wet there's no rescuing it for pictures!).  Soooo that's how our engagement session started.  I knew this meant good things for the rest of the time:) Ben had more clothes in the car so he changed and we opted out of the water pictures and stayed on dry land for the rest of the session.  You guys were both so good natured about all of it- which says a lot about you! I included some pictures of Ben's swim (with his permission:) just to get a feel for what happened.  But the rest of the pictures worked out great- we stayed dry and happy.  I can't wait for their wedding next year and know that they will be anything but bride and groomzillas based on the engagement session.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

and a few pictures of Ben during/after his quick engagement session swim:)