Patrick + Liz//Athens Engagement

Patrick and Liz might be renamed Barbie and Ken... no joke.  I was actually Liz's history teacher when she was in 11th and 12th grade (a very young hip teacher:), so it was so fun to photograph her and Patrick and see how life has changed from high school to college to getting married!  Patrick and Liz have 2 dogs that are like their children (Rudy and Bella) so we made sure the dogs made a guest appearance in the engagement session, too.  It was so sweet to see them interact and love these dogs because it was like watching them as future parents.  After having some fun on campus and downtown Athens, we went to a place Liz had explored and recommended we use for the session.  I cannot be more excited about having gone to this area.  What was even better was when Liz told me they wanted to go in the creek for some pictures, which I thought made for some absolutely dreamy photos.  It was really fun because I got to go into the water, too (so glad we don't have pictures of that!) We also trekked up a steep hill to get to an abandoned railroad track (which happens to be the famous railroad track used for an REM album) and Liz and Patrick just walked straight out onto these tracks that are pretty high up.  Seriously, this was an all terrain engagement shoot.  I can't wait for their wedding in December at the UGA chapel... you guys are such a beautiful couple and I'm thankful to capture your sweet and loving relationship.  Thanks for asking me to be a part of it! these are some BLUE eyes! and that's not because I did some fancy editing- that was straight from the camera blue! and Patrick and Liz being such cute parents to Rudy and Bella.... and the famous bridge (which we also took pictures on top of from the other side- pretty crazy!!!!)