Lauren Hughes//Athens Portraits

Ohhhhhhhhh so excited about this shoot for LOTS of reasons: 1. I didn't know Lauren at all before this, but after hanging out with her and her sister, Lindsey, I am convinced that I am their long lost other sister.

2. Lauren has beautiful teeth which are great to photograph.  Best part? They aren't real (well, at least a few aren't).  No worries, I asked Lauren if this is okay to write about and she was on board (because she's awesome).  2nd best part? I have fake teeth, too!!!! Some of you reading this may be totally grossed out, but don't be.  We just weren't born with all our adult teeth.  It happens more than you think.  My brother had 2 adult teeth grow in the same place where I was missing mine, so we always thought that he somehow got mine.  I can't tell you what a bond I felt when I was saying how beautiful Lauren's teeth were and she told me that it was a bridge.  And then Lindsey (Lauren's sister who came along for the fun of the shoot:) told me how Lauren used to have these fake teeth on a retainer that she could take out of her mouth... ME TOO! I had such a love/hate relationship with that retainer.  In high school I would freak people out by moving it up and down with my tongue in Physics class.  I also had to take it out to eat, so it was embarrassing to talk during lunch and let everyone see you as a jack-o-lantern.  All that to say, how could I not feel a unique bond with Lauren?  We are teeth soul mates.

3. Lauren is a writer, and an awesome one at that!  I read some of her stuff before we met up to get to know her better and loved it (check out her blog here; it is a really good read).  Lauren is graduating this May from UGA and will be working as a freelance writer either in New York or Atlanta, and I think she is going to do really well with it.  I also LOVE reading very honest, conversational writing, and her work is just that.  So that made my time with Lauren even better because I felt like I already had talked with her through her blog.

4. Okay, I promise only 1 more reason why I am excited to post pictures from our time together... Lauren and Lindsey are crazy like me! They are really close as sisters and seem to share everything, including amazing dance moves.  When we about to leave, we were having fun talking and they both did this super fun dance move that they apparently do when they're excited.  Soooo funny because I have the same move in my repertoire, too! One of my favorite quotes happens to be about dancing: "There's a little bit of insanity in dancing that does everyone a great deal of good..."  I wish I knew who said it, but I don't.  I just love that.  So I felt like we could all be a little insane together and really enjoy each other.

I loved doing this shoot and going through these pictures.  Lauren was awesome.  So much fun and she totally rocked in front of the camera.  My next mission will be to find Lindsey walking around campus or downtown doing some crazy dances and get some pictures of her.  I'm really thankful that Lauren was also so gracious when I showed up REALLY late because of a brain lapse.  Thanks, Lauren.  And Lindsey, thanks for making me laugh and running around downtown Athens carrying Lauren's stuff.  Here are a few of the pictures from our time together; enjoy!

These next 2 pictures CRACK ME UP.  We were crossing the street and I pulled out my camera to get Lauren in action (and Lindsey in the corner of the shot).  Lauren did some funny faces as we were running across the street and they are priceless! I am a huge fan of fun faces.