The Snapp Family//Athens, GA

Soooo I technically don't take family pictures anymore in an effort to focus my work and time on wedding photography, but on different occasions I do photograph families I know and feel connected to.  I've known the Snapp family for nearly 10 years, first meeting them when I was a college student and their oldest son was only around 3 years old.  It was crazy for me to see him now (in 6th grade) and how this little boy was bigger than Angela, his mom, and on his way up to his dad, Bill!  Maren is their sweet little girl who made me laugh when throughout the pictures she pretended to be a kitty cat and we had to refer to her hands as paws:)  I had a good time catching up with this family and the best part was their understanding that family pictures sometimes turn out crazy because trying to get everyone in a family to smile and not blink and put their hands down and not slouch and not give bunny ears...well it can sometimes be challenging! But they were up for the challenge and had such a good attitude about it. Family pictures can be such a gift because it freezes time so that you can look at the people you love, almost from the outside looking in, and appreciate them more even though in the day to day minutia their little idiosyncrasies can drive you bananas!  I love looking through pictures of my children or husband because it reminds me how sacred family is, how grateful I am for my children and how precious it all is.  I always think as I'm taking family pictures that there will be a day when they look back at these photos and remember what life was like when kids were younger and the good times in the middle of the craziness.  So thanks, Snapp family, for helping me remember the importance and value of family life, and how before we know it 10 years will have passed and little faces will be big faces and we'll wish we savored those little faces more.  Enjoy!!