Marshall + Rachel//Atlanta Engagement

One of my favorite quotes comes from Rachel Reece about love.  I've known Rachel for almost 4 years, and all throughout this time she has been in love with Marshall Sims.  I can still picture our friends in my living room, and what Rachel said when I asked her how things were going between her and Marshall.  Among many things she said, "home is when I with him."  My eyes filled up because I thought that was such an accurate way to describe the experience of love, a feeling of being at home with someone.  So it was special for me to photograph Marshall and Rachel's engagement pictures because I have seen their relationship and know how much they love each other.  Marshall & Rachel are getting married in just a few weeks, so I'll be posting their wedding pictures soon but I had to make sure to blog a few engagement pictures first.  So here's to love and the blessing of being at home with another person... thanks Rachel for always being an inspiration to me:)