Carrie Jo//Photografriend

Carrie Jo busted into my world in September of 2010.  Good friends of our were getting married and the bride (Erin Todd) told me that I would love her wedding photographer, and that she was going to see if she would need a 2nd shooter for her wedding (i.e. me).  So Carrie Jo called me and we talked details for the wedding.  I still remember where I was standing when we had that conversation (I know, kinda like remembering where I met my husband for the first time- but I love her lots so it makes sense!!).  I met her on the wedding day when we both walked up wearing the same shoot sac (code for lens bag in the camera world), the same compact flash card holder attached to it, and matching flower headbands (which is code for looking a little too much like the tweens coming out of Claires in the mall).  Needless to say we could tell we were going to like each other!  We shot that wedding together, then another one in January, and again in March, April, May, etc.  We talked on the phone for hours about Lightroom, Photoshop, first looks on wedding days, alien bees versus off camera flash, branding, but also boys, having children,how to trust God in our daily lives, and processing together different seasons of life.  My favorite memory is a recent one when I called Carrie Jo at midnight when Ethan was up crying and Jared was throwing up after his deviated septum surgery... I felt like I was loosing my mind and she talked me off the cliff.  She sent me some Justin Bieber videos to make me smile, messaged me some youtube videos that cracked me up, and prayed for me.  I can't thank her enough for that.  She also came to the hospital when I gave birth to Andy to take photos for us (driving from Knoxville to Athens!).  It was amazing; she arrived the second Andy was born and was able to get shots of him up in the air and on the scale.  So fast forward to this past weekend when CJ came in town.  I noticed on Facebook and her website that she had uhhhhh ONE picture of herself.  So I told her I MUST take her picture.  Especially for someone who has shot nearly 80 weddings and been doing this photography thing for awhile, this girl needed some more pictures of herself.  After twisting her arm, getting her a good dose of her favorite tea (Bigelow French Vanilla tea), and turning on some dance music:), she decided she would smile and let me take a million shots.  And as it turns out, Carrie Jo is model extraordinaire!  I should also mention that this crazy cat is single, so if you're reading this and are a handsome, God-fearing man, you need to get in touch with me!!! She will kill me when she reads that:) Thanks CJ for being such an amazing friend.  I love you lots and lots.  Oh, and while your viewing this pictures please listen to Maroon 5's "moves like Jagger" to get the total experience.  

this next pic is kinda dark, but I love CJ's expression.  I can appreciate underexposed photography or even crappy photography if the subject is art!

we did take some outdoor shots the next day, so I had to include one... love that laugh!! keeping it real is my favorite type of photography