Carolyn + Owen//Atlanta Engagement

I kinda feel like I've been friends with Carolyn and Owen for awhile even though I just met them.  I realized while I was shooting their engagement pictures that I was having fun with them because I could hardly hold the camera still without laughing at something they were doing.  Carolyn is a UGA graduate and Owen went to Wake Forest (then Princeton for seminary... a theological prowess!!).  We took pictures near the Fox Theatre and in Buckhead, but I realized that the pictures I love the most aren't necessarily the shots you can see the city in.  I love the pictures where you can see big smiles, laughter, intimacy, and nuzzles.  Yes, I just used the word, "nuzzles."  But those are the shots that give me a window into a relationship and make me feel like a 3rd wheel on a date.  I love that I get to hang out with people and capture the relationship they cherish so much that they are committing to it for a lifetime.  I am a such a sentimental, gushy person, so this work fits me perfectly (as opposed to being a dentist which I had considered for a day).  Carolyn is really fun- my favorite picture is when they were walking down Peachtree Street and she turned around to give me a crazy model face... She totally worked it and it turned out awesome! And Carolyn has great hair- so much so that I think I might need to ask her to donate it for Locks of Love and give it to me!  Owen was great to work with, doing his own model faces from time to time and making sure he got Carolyn to laugh.  I was excited to hear that Owen helped pastor a church in Northern Ireland near Belfast since husband and I spent a few weeks there helping churches with children's ministry a few years ago.  He had some good stories about it and it made me want to go back. All this to say, I'm big fans of Carolyn and Owen and so glad that (a) they're getting married and (b) they asked me to photograph it! Here's a wee peek into their engagement session... Okay, I need to say how much I like the picture below... I love that you can tell Carolyn's really laughing (note body language- she's even got the knee pat laugh going on!) and that even just the slightest shot of her face shows a huge laugh.  Love it.  That's a good laugh.

Owen making a funny face, Carolyn watching and smiling...

and here it is... America's Next Top Model!!!