Christina//Senior Pictures

This post is the first one I have done in a LONG time. I stopped blogging around the time that morning sickness (which didn't just last in the morning but pretty much all day) set in with pregnancy #2. I posted a few things but really was doing well to just take care of myself and my family, and then crashing early every night. So baby #2 has arrived and I'm finally ready to get back to the blogosphere. And to celebrate I am coming back with a new logo, new website and new blog!!! Some of my older posts are still here but my goal was somewhat of a fresh start. I'm excited that the first post in a long time is from a senior session with Christina Schuman. She is amazing to photograph. I've gotten to know Christina through her school while I was a teacher there and we bonded pretty quickly when we realized that we both LOVE photography. Christina has shot with me a few times and has incredible talent. I joked around with her the other day that most people have to go through a learning curve in photography where they take some terrible pictures and then over-edit them, but that she seems to have skipped that stage and gone straight to awesome. Hopefully she is going to be pursuing it in college next year either at SCAD or UGA, and I can honestly say she is one of the most naturally talented photographers I know. The funny thing is that most people who like to be behind the camera are not so comfortable in front of the lens, but Christina is amazing at both. She has the serious face (that I so can't pull off!!) along with a really natural smile and funny faces. Here are some of the pictures from our time together... my favorites are the pictures of her in the red hat. Christina, you are uber photogenic and I'm so glad you asked me to do these for you. You definitely get 2 thumbs up!!!