Adam + Gina

Adam & Gina BLAKELY.  I am so happy for these two, and am grateful I got to be a part of their special day.  Gina was stunning all day... even when she was getting ready she looked like bride beautiful.  Adam was such a hero groom, seen best when he dipped Gina and kissed her when the pastor announced that he may kiss the bride (see picture).  It was nothing less than epic (and so very Adam if you know him)!   The two of them are just really cute and SO in love.  The wedding day was planned out with lots of class, from the fun red shoes Gina and the bridesmaids had on to the amazing band they had at the Biltmore in downtown Atlanta.  One of my favorite parts of the wedding was during the ceremony when they sang the doxology (and asked everyone to join in).  It was really special to me because we sing that with Ethan at night before bedtime.  Ethan has recently started to sing along with us (after 3 years of hearing it every night) and his version is really funny:)  But what made it so special was to think that people everywhere, in wedding ceremonies and nighttime routines are singing this same song about a God who is worthy of praise and pours out blessings on his people.  I thought about someday Ethan singing that same song at his wedding, knowing it had been the anthem under which he slept for most nights growing up.  At any rate, the other part of the day that meant so much to me was having my dad help me shoot the wedding.  As I've mentioned in lots of other posts, my dad was a wedding photographer in the 80s and 90s, and is a technical genius when it comes to photography.  He has helped me so much and it was such a special experience to be able to shoot Adam & Gina's wedding with him there.  My dad even did the manual labor jobs, like carry my cases around and holding light stands up in the air during the reception to help me brighten up the room.  This wedding was incredibly meaningful on so many levels, and was such a great time.  Thanks guys for letting me be a part of it, and I'm so glad that you are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Blakely!!