Meet Ashley & Jon

Here are some pictures from Ashley & Jon Qualls wedding in the most beautiful wedding spot I have seen... in the mountains of Colorado!  Talk about an amazing backdrop for a wedding ceremony.  The best part about it is that Ashley and Jon just picked a spot on the lake, set up chairs, and got married- no renting any facilities or even a lot of details in orchestrating the ceremony.  It was simple and incredibly beautiful.  Ashley looked amazing, Jon was such a laid back and great groom, and even their dog ringbearer behaved!  Here are just a few from their special day...  It was a little bit challenging to figure out how to capture their faces in such bright sun, but I think the sun added to the beauty of the place even in the pictures.  The last picture posted here is of their dog, who played a critical part of the whole ceremony:) I am so glad I got to be a part of their day!